Chairperson’s Message

Smt. Ved Kumari, Chairperson New Green Field Educational Society, Delhi, has always held the cause of education close to her heart. Her mission is to enlighten and expand the horizons of young minds and to train them to hone capabilities which has hitherto remained unexplored for the want of good educational facilities. She has played an exemplary role in invigorating the educational programme in the area by establishing state-of-the-art schools in Delhi and an engineering college under the NGF banner.

To break the shackles of mediocrity and to reach effortlessly for excellence, a society must lay great emphasis on education. For education to permeate to every level of society and power a surge to inclusive progress. we need active involvement of philanthropists, industrialists and visionaries.

Over the last 50 years. the New Green Field Educational Society has been fortunate enough to gather a talented and committed team In keeping with our long pursuit of excellence, the Founding Members of NGFES decided to create a seat of higher education amidst serene and verdant surroundings. Far from the madding crowds, this hamlet of tranquility offers the promise of a life lived in meaningful action.

NGF pursues the highest moral, ethical and cultural values and is committed to providing its students with the best infrastructural arid human resources available. In the process. NGF aims to match and then surpass the leading national and international educational institutions.

Students walking through the doors of NGF are assured of an education that opens their minds in a positive direction, eventually to lead lives that are fruitful, fulfilling and filled with the hope of a brighter tomorrow. Students are encouraged to pursue their dreams and are assisted with carefully planned interviews and placements.

At NGF. life is beyond mere employability. It is about creating productive members of society who do not sacrifice traditional values as they reach out to their goals. This is because we believe that the journey is as important as the destination. And at NGF it is a continuous journey to reach the pinnacles of knowledge and achievement

Mrs. Ved Kumari