Bachelor of Technology

In this 21st century, technology has become very indispensable part of our lives and its usage, as well as functions, can be seen in our day to day activities.  That is why Bachelor of technology has become a very popular undergraduate program in India and the emphasis is fully laid upon technology and its principles.

The Bachelor of Technology is generally a four-year degree program fully focused to provide individuals a strong technical expertise with the required skills to help them become effective workplace managers. The early classes are mostly based on problem sets in mathematics and physics. Later classes focus on elaborate technology projects called as skills from many different courses in different technology areas.


Well, after the completion of B. Tech there is very bright future in India as well as in abroad. But if you are thinking what to do next after B. Tech then here is some sort of options available for you which will skyrocket your career.


M. tech- You can pursue the higher studies and become experts in technology. M. tech is the PG program for the engineering graduates.


MBA- If you want to see yourself as a manager in an MNC then you can go for the MBA. It is the good choice for you. Many companies are hiring employees who have technical and management skills altogether.


Civil ServicesAfter B. Tech you can also prepare for the Civil Services and serve the nation by becoming IAS or IPS. Apparently, it is the toughest exams in the world and there is a huge competition in India.


Entrepreneurship- Start your own business with all your technical skills and be your own boss. Indeed it is challenging because of the minimal work experience it becomes very tough to survive in the cutthroat competition against the veterans.

Open 2019-20