Civil Engineering

Degree : B. Tech.
Duration : 4Yrs.
Seats : 60

Civil engineering is a technology that includes numerous other disciplines that produce useful facilities for the human beings, including roads, dams, waste disposal and other facilities that are used in our daily life. Civil engineering is progressing at a fast pace as are other technology. It is considered as the first discipline of the various branches of engineering after military engineering, and includes the designing, planning, construction, and maintenance of the infrastructure. The works include roads, bridges, buildings, dams, canals, water supply and numerous other facilities that affect the life of human beings. Civil engineering is intimately associated with the private and public sectors, including the individual homeowners and international enterprises. It is one of the oldest engineering professions, and ancient engineering achievements due to civil engineering include the pyramids of Egypt and road systems developed by the Romans. Civil engineering has a significant role in the life of every human being, though one may not truly sense its importance in our daily routine. The function of civil engineering commences with the start of the day when we take a shower, since the water is delivered through a water supply system including a well-designed network of pipes, water treatment plant and other numerous associated services. The network of roads on which we drive while proceeding to school or work, the huge structural bridges we come across and the tall buildings where we work, all have been designed and constructed by civil engineers. Even the benefits of electricity we use are available to us through the contribution of civil engineers who constructed the towers for the transmission lines. In fact, no sphere of life may be identified that does not include the contribution of civil engineering. Thus, the importance of civil engineering may be determined according to its usefulness in our daily life

Facilities are-

  • Very good infrastructure & decent class room.
  • Well-equipped lab facilities.
  • Conference and seminar by the industry expert.
  • Departmental library in addition to central library
  • Lecture delivery by ppt method.
  • Free internet facilities to the students.
  • Highly qualified faculties.
  • Minimum three industrial visit in a semester.
  • Software as stadpro training in the department.
  • Survey camp organisation by digitalisation techniqueas Total station.
  • Special class to weak students on every Saturday.

Civil Engg Labs are- 

  • Surveying-|
  • Surveying- ||
  • Structural analysis-|
  • Structural analysis-||
  • Geo Technology Engineering
  • Irrigation Engineering
  • Civil Workshop
  • Fluid Mechanics -|
  • Fluid Mechanics -||
  • Concerete Technology
  • Geology
  • Irrigation-||
  • Tranportation Lab
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Environmental design of steel structure
  • The department provides technical training in the reputed company of india as
  • L&T (Faridabad)
  • SIMPLEX PILE (New Delhi)
  • GAYATRI PROJECT (Faridabad)
  • SRS CONSTRUCTION, (Faridabad)
  • The department provides online help to the students from the reputed experts regarding any technical assistant and help as listed below.
  • Dr. Nirmal Kumar (Principal , Bhagalpur College of Engineering)
  • Mr. R.N Singh (Manager)
  • Mr. Prabhat (Executive Engineer Jharkhand)
  • Mr. Juneja ( Retd. Chief Engineer Govt. Haryana)
  • Mr. Anjani Kumar (Manager, CTX Const. Company, Dubai)
  • Mr. Shiv Shankar Pandey (Manager in Pipe Line Kuwait Oil Coperation)
  • R&D Activity-The department is continuous engaged in research & development activity. The department students on every Saturday perform research activity on some of training projects in college campus and monitor the quality control of construction executed in college campus.  
  • Regular Technical Visits
  • The departmental head Mr RanjanKumar was awarded a moment in the International conference organised on 17th Dec2015 by the Government of India trenchless society for building up a smart for his advisory on Technological solution to problems of trenchless construction techniques.
  • The book 'Water Supply Engineering' authored by MR Ranjankumar was released by the chancellor of Mewar university.
  • Mr Ranjan Kumar was awarded by a Bentlay award in the seminar organised in 5 star surya hotel, New Delhi by the Bentlay software company as a motivational award for motivating students of civil department to have the maximum prize wineers in the seminar.
  • Mr Ranjan Kumar is presently writing a book of Engineering Drawing in association with the principal of Government Engg college Bhagalpur Nirmal Kumar.
  • Mr Ranjan Kumar is presently working as a project supervisor of the projects of the students of Institution of civil Engineers, New Delhi on behalf of NGF college of Engineering & Technology.
  • Very Excellent result. Md Inzamamul Hague & Mr Aqib are regular university ranker.
  • B. Tech civilEngineering student Mr Anand &Mr Ashish won prizes in cultural activity programme in different college, university fest&Microsoft cultural activity.
  • The Department students have won many Bentlay awards in the seminar organised by the Bentlay company in the surya hotel.
  • The department is equipped with all the lab facilities as Surveying lab, Sructuralanalysislab, Fluid Mech lab, Concretelab, Geotechlab,Soilmechlab, TransportationsEngglab,Environmenta Engineering lab Geology lab.
  • There is a placement &training cell in the college.The meritorious students are recommended for taking training in the organisation of government of India as :construction industry development council, Indian society of trenchless technology, and reputed private sector company as L&T, Simplexpile.The deserving candidates are provided appreciable stipend during their training period.
  • The students after being completed their training periods are suitably placed in different organisation as L&T, Simplexpile, Amrapali construction group. Ansal construction, Unitech construction.
  • Placement in state pwd deptt, Irrigation deptt, Rural Engg deptt.
  • Career option in cpwd, Military Engineering services, Telccom company for tower construction.
  • Career placement in public sector company as MECON, National hydal projects, National eastern power corporation, Telecommunication
  • Career option in Delhi metro corporation, Railway recruitment board, Banking sector& Insurance sector, Delhijal board, Delhi Municipal corporation.
  • Career option in private construction companyas L&T company, Simplexpile, Unitech,Ansal construction company.
  • Career opportunity in power sector, Bisleriwater plant & other water plant.
  • Career opportunity as a design Engineer for designing multi-storeyed building, Dam, Weir, Hydraulic structure Sewer disposal plant.