Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Degree : Diploma
Duration : 2Yrs.
Seats : 60

The diploma provides simple and fundamental understanding of refrigeration and air conditioning. This course consists of variant refrigeration cycles, designs, installation and maintenance of cooling system.

The refrigeration and air conditioning engineers cover two broad areas:

  • Refrigeration - Designing, installing and maintaining cooling systems in places like supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, food processing plants and factories etc.
  • Air Conditioning - Installing and servicing systems that control air quality, temperature and humidity inside offices, schools, leisure complexes and other modern buildings etc.

In this industry the trained engineers are at forefront in order to maintain and protect the environmental balances. They work with technologies to improve efficiency of energy and renewable energy with the special types of gas that don't harm our ozone layer and their major duty is to advice and aware customers about the energy consumptions. This is the optimum way to reduce the energy consumption smartly.

On completion of this diploma course, the engineers can independently test, repair and renovate various refrigeration and air conditioning system. After completion of this course you will be fully trained and your training includes:

  • system installation
  • graphics, math, hand tools
  • electrical control systems
  • mechanical and electrical skills
  • refrigerants and refrigeration load calculation
  • safety
  • system design, installation, operation
  • test and repair system components
  • basic refrigeration systems, cycles and components

You'll spend as much time getting "hands-on" experience in the shop as you do in the classroom. You'll also participate in a work experience.