Master of Business Administration (Dual Specialization + CBCS)

Degree : MBA
Duration : 2Yrs.
Seats : 60

Why MBA (Master’s in Business Administration)?

An MBA adds actual market place perspective to our graduate degree. It sharpens our image of reality. If your graduate degree gives you a direction to your career, your MBA degree will be a launch pad to the corporate world. An MBA degree is like a finishing school, it makes you ready for the market!

Some have argued that an MBA degree can be viewed as an equalizer. An MBA takes engineers, pharmacists, linguists, accountants and economists, and converts them into managers, thus drumming out heterogeneity and replacing it with a homogeneous people, devoid of any perspective apart from an MBA. In my opinion, an MBA is an enhancer, rather than an equalizer. It takes the economist and makes him into a market ready economist; it takes an accountant and develops in him traits to take on business conditions, and gives an engineer a marketable framework to increase creativity or product efficiency. Thus an MBA betters, rather than changes the basic skill set. In that sense an MBA works to amplify your graduate degree. It works with the knowledge base that you already possess; taking it one step further. Many students have asked me whether graduation really matters, if eventually one plans to take up an MBA.

So how does an MBA enhance different graduate degrees? Given below is a brief overview:

1. Science graduates: Science observes phenomena and makes theories around them. It trains the student to observe record and analyze. However, it does not teach the students the implications or applications of his/her observations. An MBA degree does just that. It works on the skill of the science student to observe and record and adds to it the ability to apply and imagine.

2. The Engineers: Engineering is a science of possibility and imagination. It takes pure sciences and uses it to create products of great utility. It asks the question: “if this is what it is, what can be made from this?” - An engineer is thus a utility creator. However, engineering works in isolation from the user. In that sense, it can produce something that has utility, but cannot identify to whom it will be useful? How useful will it be? How much will the people be willing to pay for the created utility? If he can answer these questions when creating any product, the product could ease much of people’s efforts. To be able to answer these questions, the engineer needs an introduction to the user. This introduction is provided by an MBA degree, thus, making the engineer a better creator of the utility.

3. The Commerce graduates or Accountants: Accountancy and Commerce are subjects intertwined with the market place. They deal with the operational part of the market: the maintenance of records of market transactions. Thus accountancy and commerce are like reading a travel magazine. The travel magazine describes a destination, say Manasarover on Mount Kailash. It describes how to get there, where to stay, how the place looks, the whether, the food, the people living there, etc. Having read the description, the reader gets a very good idea about the place but it is nowhere close to experience of actually being there. That’s what an MBA degree provides to the commerce graduates. It moves the commerce graduates from reading about the market to actually experiencing its working. Thus it makes his or her theoretical market knowledge come alive!

4. The economist: The economist is the closest to the MBA degree. What pure sciences are to engineering, BA in economics is to an MBA. Pure sciences trace the theory behind the application. For example, it is the fundamentals of light that make an X-ray machine work. The x-ray machine is an application, a child of engineering, but the source of scientific theory. If engineering is a utility creator, an MBA degree is a wealth creator. An MBA degree takes economic laws and applies them to create wealth in the market place.

5. The humanities students: The studies of humanities (history, sociology, anthropology, psychology, etc) are concerned to trying to understand human beings and why they are the way they are. If history traces the root which mankind has taken to reach where he is, sociology tries to figure out norms that we live by and their origin. Psychology seeks to explain our behaviour in the market place. In other words, it gives the student the ability to explain or understand a single phenomenon based on multidimensional observations it’s like taking a telescope that’s looking at the universe and pointing towards a single galaxy or constellation to understand it better.

Thus, an MBA degree adds precision to the vision provided by the humanities. The biggest take away from this degree is the 360 degree perspective of management. The synergies created by these different aspects like marketing, HR, finance, etc., are critical to business success.

The advantages of MBA are manifold; racing it onto the top slot of the most opted for degree program in the world. Some of the main benefits of MBA are:

  • Managerial Skills: Knowledge imparted in MBA program extends out in developing managerial skills for candidates. These skills provide the essentials for dealing with real-time situations pertaining to management and resolution of problems. You are not only equipped in enacting a managerial role but also facilitated in grasping core responsibilities of your organization.
  • Developing business expertise: MBA provides an added advantage for students from non-business backgrounds. By earning an MBA degree, you increase your practical knowledge in the field of business administration. Most of the business schools recognize MBA both as a professional and academic degree. Even after completing your MBA, you can continue your doctorate in any other discipline.
  • Competitive advantage: A competent MBA program prepares candidates as highly qualified leaders. The specialized skills and leadership qualities taught in MBA programs, provides you with a competitive advantage over others. Most of the leading business organizations prefer to hire MBAs for higher management positions.
  • Career Advancement: An MBA degree helps you in quickly climbing up the corporate ladder with a handsome salary package alongside a respectable designation. According to a recent survey, high performing successful MBAs are more likely to reach top management levels of Fortune 500 companies and other corporate areas. MBAs with specialized skills are commonly selected to lead start-up companies.
  • Recession Proof Degree / Job Security: An MBA degree provides a combination of elective and specialized courses wherein by training candidates to handle complex business situations. Thus, having an MBA degree assures sustainability of your job in the organization. The demand for MBAs rides high even during global economic recession.
  • Career Change: An MBA in general and a Dual MBA in particular, provide you with the cushion of switching your career. An MBA with particular specialization makes it easier for you to move across industries.
  • Business Connections and Networking: Social networking during the MBA academic term helps in establishing business contacts and referrals. In the long run, you can avail these contacts in improving your business position in the market.
  • Starting your own business: An ideal MBA program helps you in becoming business savvy. The skill-set taught in MBA provides you with the hands-on training for dealing with real work business problems. Eventually, you can branch out as an independent entrepreneur: running your very own successful business.
  •  Brings about a global perspective: The world is in a state flux. Geographical boundaries define physical countries, while the internet spans the world. There are no boundaries to businesses and brands have become global and taken on local flavors. MBA as a course helps you understand and achieve global perspective. This is critical, as businesses are no longer facing competition from local players but global giants.

Business Administration education develops the intellect, advances managerial skills and enhances career prospects. The scholars gain an understanding of financial management, economics, operations management, research, law, human resources, marketing and strategy. By linking these specialist areas, scholars gain insights into how organizations function while also developing skills in leadership, creativity and problem solving-all of which are essential for effective management. Furthermore these skills are transferable across many industries and sectors.

Focus on Skill Development

Doman Knowledge

Managerial Skills

Soft Skills


Contemporary Developments

Exploration & Research

Applied Aspects

Analytical & Critical Thinking

Cognitive Skills

Environmental Analysis

Planning & Decision Making

Team Building


Ethics & Moral

Time Management

Public Speaking

Confidence Building

Negotiation Skills

Business Etiquettes

Dressing Sense

Program Highlights



Extra Specifications

Information & Communication Technology

Training of Operating MS-Office , Emailing Skills and Search Engine Operations

Basics of Networking

Computer Lab with LAN, Internet and Wi-fi facility


Training of Research Methods

Usage of Computer-Tools in Research Analysis

Field Trips for Interviewing Techniques, Questionnaire Preparation & Live Testing, Data Analysis & Presentation

Communication Skills

Training of Public Speaking, Improving Body Language, Interpersonal Skills

How to Structure Presentations using IT-tools

Effective Usage of Audio-Video Aids

Effective Speaking Skills in GDs

Presentation Halls equipped with LCD & Audio-System

Personality Development

Team Based Activities

Open Mind Attitude

Talent Hunt

Management Games

Motivational Sessions

Role Plays

Sessions on Moral Values and Ethics


Movie Shows

Dance Workshops

Professional Training

HR-Compliances & Legislations

FMCG & Retail Management

Global Logistics & Operations

Financial Analyst

Workshops of Short Duration

Designed and Developed by

Highly Experienced Industry Experts & Academic Faculty adapted specifically for Indian Business & Economy


Entrepreneurship awareness & sensitization

Awareness about various government support schemes

Seminars &

Contact programme with financial and technical experts
Guidance on detailed project report preparation through various govt. & private bodies

The MBA Studies format consists of solid preparation to each class session which is strategically important as amazing amount of material is covered during each day.

  • Teaching sessions are extremely interactive;
  • The diversified work experience and creativity are highly valued during in-class discussions.
  • Professional and active attitude are expected as well within teamwork sessions.
  • For the same reasons the MBA Programme is hands-on and well in touch with the real business world.

All these add to the value and quality of the MBA Programme. Time spent at NGFCET will become your competitive advantage strategically and in financial terms, sooner or later.

Department Tie-Ups for Education & Training


Organization Name



International Business Academy, Denmark

To provide international ly recognized degree programmes in Management ( BBA & MBA)


Hughes Global Education

World Class Executive Courses from




(National Small Industries Corporation)

Training & Incubation Centre



Training programme on Patent Protection and Management


PCCI, Palwal

NGFCET is one of the founder member supporting in all the developmental and promotional activities of PCCI


Extramarks Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Training in Retail


Global Shapers Community

(World Economic Forum)

Training of Aspiring Scholars through Industry Professionals


Microsoft Innovation Centre

App Development Training

Entrepreneurial Orientation


  1. Microsoft Innovation Centre in the college mobilizes the creative ideas of our students by helping them use technology tools to develop mobile apps

  1. Learn to Walk With Industry Leaders: Global Shapers Community, member of Global Shapers Forum of World Economic Forum

  1. NGF Community Radio 90.4 FM giving opportunity to students express their views on current affairs

  1. Hands on Learning Sessions by Experienced Academic Staff & Industry Experts from various domains

  1. Entrepreneurship Development Cell to stimulate young minds for Entrepreneurship

  1. Regular Industrial Visits for Live exposure of Industries working environment

  1. AC Lecture Halls with Audio Video Aids

  1. 24 Hrs Internet Facility

  1. Wi-Fi Campus

  1. Regular Field Visits for comprehensive personality development of learners

  1. Regular PD Sessions by industry experts

  1. Individual Student mentoring for behavioral and academic development

  1. Camp Office-PCCI (Palwal Chamber of Commerce & Industry)

  1. Member of Faridabad Small Industries Association

  1. Tie-ups-Training Partner
    1. Microsoft
    2. Global Shapers Forum
    3. Extramarks
    4. AIMA
    5. Lifeway college, Newzealand
    6. Hughes
    7. MSME, DI Karnal
    8. IBA Denmark
    9. FSIA
    10. NTS

Discipline and behaviour are at the core of learning where conducive learning environment is provided for students from diverse cultural and regional background.

Focus is on developing Problem solving capabilities and putting theory to practice through case study method

Purposeful exposure is given to latest industry practices via astounding interactions with Industry professionals

Each class session is strategically important which covers conceptual and contemporary aspects in all knowledge dimensions

Teaching sessions are made extremely interactive with the use of audio-video aids

Professional and proactive approach is encouraged through teamwork assignments to inculcate social-emotional skills

Emphasize is given to feed-back based continuous assessment through presentations by students

Business News Paper is provided to students for real time class room discussions in class room

Project-based learning has been applied to increase retention of concepts and improve students' attitudes towards learning. Deserving students are sponsored.

The inspiring and spirited faculty focuses on the 360 degree development of the student

The faculty members are committed to provide a progressive learning environment and share their experiences gained through research and continuous self-initiated skill development

The diversified work experience and creativity of faculty is highly valued during in-class discussions

The department has two Faculty members with Doctorate and Three faculty members pursuing their doctorate level studies

The department has a unique culture of Mentoring and Counseling students to bring out the best in them and guide them to develop their own unique identity.

Every class has a designated Faculty coordinator who communicates with students regularly and supports them in their academic, administrative or personal issues

Faculty Development Programs further sharpen the academic skills of faculty members

Active participation of faculty in conferences and seminars reaffirms their commitment to delivering education that creates value

Every student is considered an asset and all the elements of department are aligned to bring out the hidden talent of students

Students are sponsored to participate in seminars and conferences especially by AIMA

Interactive sessions with Entrepreneurs make students explore their risk taking potential and become job providers rather than job seekers

Regular visits to Business Incubator- NSIC and Industrial Units and field visits give wider exposure to students

Specially designed sessions on Personality Development and confidence building, e.g. Resume writing, Self-Introduction, Group Discussions, Right Attitude etc are delivered through professionals

In addition to the requirement of the course, special workshops are conducted for developing Computing Skills among students

The Importance of Communication Skills is emphasised through additional sponsored course/s delivered by subject experts

Job Oriented Courses are offered e.g. Retail Management, Basics of Digital Marketing, Labour Legislations etc.

On-line technology based assessment tools are available for the students who are driven by desire to improve continuously

Learning is made fun by engaging students organise very co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, e.g. Paper presentation, Debate, Theme based competitions, Slogan writing, Ad-mad shows, quiz competition, Fresher and Farewell parties etc.

The department has developed itself as an inclusive institution, by creating a result driven environment leading to positive academic and social outcomes

Students secured University Rankings and received benefits under Academic Scholarship Program

Students have won laurels positions in various inter & intra college competition in management & cultural events

Our students have been placed in multinational companies like PespiCo, Cease Fire, V-Resorts and corporates like Snapdeal, Skypack, Shivalik Prints, Hindustan Times etc.

Many Students have started their own entrepreneurial ventures or joined family business

Connections matter

The strong networking with Alumni allows our students to get a pragmatic insight of what the real business world is all about

Every three years the department organises an Alumni Meet. Last Alumni meet was conducted in 2016 at a three star hotel in Faridabad with full enthusiasm and presence.

Opportunities In  Finance

Domain ( Subject)


Skills required

Management of Financial

Services and Institutions


Budgeting Officer

Finance manager

Portfolio Manager

Financial Analyst


Good finance knowledge


Project Management and

Infrastructure Finance

Financial Auditor

Financial Treasurer

Knowledge of finance and its software

Security Analysis and

Portfolio Management


Risk Analyst

Credit Manager


Good finance & accounts  knowledge

Management of Banking and Insurance


Insurance Manager

Cash Manager

Investment Advisor

Communication skills,

Personality, knowledge

Taxation Laws and


Tax consultant

Financer planner

Domain knowledge,

Client dealing

Opportunities In Marketing

Domain( Subject)


Skills Required

Integrated Marketing Communication

Advertising Planner,

Market Research Analyst,

Brand Manager, 

 Creativity, Planning , out of box thinking

Sales and Distribution Management

Field Sales Trainees,

Sales Administrator

Sales Officers,

Manager Sales


Interpersonal skills, Convincing capability, Aggressive, Energetic, Never give-up attitude, Positive thinker.

Retail management

Area  sales Manager Retail,

Store manager, Retail head

Communication Skill, Knowledge,

Service marketing

Manager modern trade, Ecommerce executive, Business development officer

Innovation, initiation,

Opportunities In HR

Domain( Subject)


Skills Required

Training and Development


HR manager- training,

HR manager- recruitment

HR generalist


Communication skills,

Computer savy,

Exposure to all HR activity

Organizational Change and



HR Manager

HR Trainee

Dynamic personality, energetic,

Keen learner

Industrial Relations and Labour Legislations

Labour Officer

HR Welfare Officer

interpersonal skills ,


Motivation, knowledge of Industrial regulations, rules and policies

Talent Management

Manager official language

Manager welfare


Extrovert, charismatic personality

Opportunities in Information Technology

Domain ( Subject)


Skills Required

Multimedia and Web Development

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Information Officer


Technical skills


Data Base Management System


DBMS  officer, System analyst

IT Sales Office

Technical skills

Software Engineering


System Designer

System Testers


Software programming skills

Systems Analysis and Design


Help Desk Technician

Security Specialist

Change Manager


Technical skills

Opportunities In International Business

Domain ( Subjects)


Skills required

International Marketing


Brand Manager

Merchandize Officer

Global market knowledge,

Good personality

International Trade Theory and Practice

Export Operation Coordinator,

International Business Manager

Knowledge of global trade & policies, sound personality

Global Strategic Management

Manager Global Business development

Good knowledge & communication skills

 International Logistics 

Logistics Managers


Knowledge of global operation


Every activity ranging from establishing to functioning of a company completely depending on their financial strength. Functioning and growth of a company depends upon proper arrangement and management of finances. Every company expects their finances to be efficiently utilized that ultimately result in decreased investments and increased profits. This is where MBA finance come into picture.

NGFCET – one of the Top MBA colleges in Delhi-NCR is one of the preferred places for MBA in Finance. Highly qualified faculty provides in-depth understanding of accountancy, capital management and other essential traits including portfolio management, corporate management, and devising business strategies so that the student attain a creative mind in the field of commerce.

Ample of learning opportunities are provided to the students by deputing them on finance related activities in various events. Students are also inspired to devise and exhibit new strategies that are nurtured by the faculty as an attractive trait of their personalities.

NGFCET also provided opportunities for students to become industry leaders by providing a unique learning system focussed on data analytics and SAP. With the ability to innovate new strategies, students of this best MBA college in Dehradun have proved their worth in the industry by securing highly paid jobs with great success.

Effective marketing is one of the key factors that results in deep impact on the growth of any organization. Companies are in search of skilled and confident professionals who can take their products in the market with a positive upshot. With the shift of marketing from physical to digital and online strategies, most of the companies now employ in-house marketing teams that employ online marketing skills to bring in more traffic and customers. Thus, marketing professionals are expected to have thorough knowledge of online and offline marketing tools and strategies so that the needs of employer are satisfied to high extent.

The team of NGFCET has gone through the industry needs and demands. Special care is taken while setting up the curriculum as well as events and activities to ensure that students are provided with enough exposure to the real world activities and can get adequate opportunities to brush up their skills in adherence with the real marketing strategies.

Students are introduced to the real scenario by assigning roles in events and organizing student client interaction surround. Thus students attain better learning of concepts, principles and implementations through practical exposure and deep understanding.

If you like taking on a diversified role in an ever-changing landscape, the role of the marketing manager might just be your calling.

An MBA in Human Resource Management program offers specialized education in recruitment proformance appraisal ,training and Development, Industrial laws & labour welfare , in addition to advanced business strategies, corporate management, marketing and finance.
Human being is now recognized as the most important resource in an organisation . The role of the HR manager starts with right selection to providing the right procedure and structure for the maximized output in terms of employee satisfaction and productivity.

An MBA in HRM has become one of the desired degrees for those who love to understand human and would use this to motivate the employee .New psychological intervention are being made easy and now HR managers working to enhance their learning on the same

Neuro Linguistic Programming is one of the new technique with a high success in understanding and motivating humans. NLP tools are a key component in recruitment , team building a and training.

At NGFCET you get an opportunity to enhance your chances of a great placement with focused certificate in Neuro Linguistic programming , Data analytics and SAP (HRM) .

If you like understanding the most complicated species on earth – Human , the role of the marketing manager might just be your calling.

International Business is a vast domain in the global corporate wherein commerce crosses the borders of states and countries thus converting the world into a small marketplace. MBA in International Business is one of the preferred choices for the students who wish to fly around the globe and give wings to their dreams.

International Business involves Cross-Culture Business Management, Foreign Exchange Management, Logistics Management and several other activities including development of advance business strategies that can open doors for more revenue from foreign trade.

At NGFCET, ample of learning is provided through demonstrations and case studies so that students can get more exposure to the strategies already devised, their effects, pros and cons. Discussions are made on these case studies to find out the loopholes followed by suggestions that could have resulted in better results. This develops critical thinking and decision making traits of students which eventually create an effective business personality in them.

Thus students of NGFCET land in the market as prepared business leaders ready to give something new and better to the industry. For this reason, the students of NGFCET have become preferred candidates for reputed companies in recent years.

Programme that incorporate an in-depth knowledge and hands-on use of todays information technology to prepare students for a variety of careers across the entire economic spectrum.